I can’t even believe it. IM A VEGAN. Not one of THOSE people. Waify runners who lead this alternative fluffy lifestyle. Yep, that’s me now. However I’m not a waify runner leading an alternative lifestyle. I’m furthering my mission to figure out this now ubiquitous disease…auto-immune.  So from the beginning when my bloodwork revealed my anti nuclear antibodies, ANA, were elevated, which is an indicator I have auto immune, I was told diet played no role.  I followed the advice of my rheumatologist and just stuck with the pills. The gluten free diet was having no impact. My healthy eating ditto.  About a year ago a vegan friend of mine told me to try a plant based diet.  I listened to her reasoning but just wasn’t moved enough to take the leap. I’m in a different place now and I guess I was open to the concept. About two months ago my husband had me watch a Netflix documentary called the Game Changer. An hour and a half later I was at the grocery store reading every label and converting my diet to VEGANISM. It’s not easy. I’m constantly hungry. Spontaneous eating is out of the question.  Being a vegan is everything I’m not.  You have to be a meal planner and prepper!!!!!!!!! I’m an on the fly kitchen person.  For the sake of my health. Well let’s fast forward six weeks into being a full fledged vegan.  I get a solid F. I was just eating the same stuff over and over. I didn’t know what I was doing. If there was meat in the Beyond Burger I’m pretty sure I ate a whole cow. My hormones started to go hay wire, hot flashes were constant and then the flare up. It hit like a hurricane. It lasted probably six weeks. One of the worst flare ups I’ve had. I was starving, hormonal and severely depressed.  

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