I’m finding that my story isn’t all that unique. I would have discovered that almostfive years ago if I had only talked. I’m not typically an over sharer. Actually I’m really not a casual sharer.  ESPECIALLY when it has to do with my health. So I consider this a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. Sharing is caring. Right? Right!!!The weird symptoms began the summer of 2015.  Not only was my hair rapidly falling out but my entire body was on fire.  My skin was crawling. My hair follicles intensely sensitive. This episode lasted about two weeks, although it felt like years.  Then it was gone. Just like that. Not exactly sure what hit me, I was left in complete confusion. I thought maybe it was menopause. My husband was googling my strangeness hoping to find SOMETHING. We found nothing, I said nothing. What was I going to say….”um, excuse me, but my body feels like it’s been burned, and I can’t be touched”!!  I don’t think so.Little did I know that would be the painful beginning to my new way of life. My mystery illness has taken me down a whole new path. Not just in trying to figure out WTF has completely altered my life, but also how to trust people and open up.  I mean, what do I have to lose.  The whole sitting in silence thing really hasn’t helped. It’s a very lonely and dangerous place to be.There’s so much more….

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