Two years into this medical nightmare I finally went to a doctor. I actually never met this particular dr…I’ll call him dr. Scary, I only met his nurse practitioner. She assured me she’ll figure this thing out. First things first. Time to give blood.  I swear she took a gallon. I have never seen more vials of blood from ONE person. Then the wait. Holy hell did she have a mouthful for me one month later. And nothing was good.  Let’s see, where to begin. She said I have Lyme disease.  I mean don’t you have to be bitten by a tick. And then I have bartonella. Never heard of it. It’s another bug disease. Then I’m borderline celiac. And then the doozy…my body produces too much iron so I need a flobotomy. I didn’t even know what that was. One more…I also had some sort of thyroid issue. I mean seriously.  I had a huge lump in my throat not knowing in any way how to digest all this shit that the NURSE just told me. Still no doctor. So I made it to my car, called my husband and cried.  The nurse wanted me back ASAP to start the heavy doses of antibiotics to combat Lyme. Then for the phlebotomy, which takes blood out of your body then puts it back in.  I was less than a day away from starting all this stuff when a doctor friend said DONT DO ANY OF IT. Get a second opinion.  Meantime, nurse practitioner said these treatments will definitely make me feel better. She assured me.  Well my second opinions were an eye opener.  Head of infectious disease at Scripps said I have no trace of Lyme.  He also said dr. Scary is known to misdiagnose. Another said no evidence of thyroid. And the iron numbers aren’t a problem. Oh and I don’t have celiac.  Can you imagine telling someone they have all these things wrong with them then to find out none of it is true. Why would he/she do that? Did I mention my blood work for dr scary was 10,000 dollars. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Can you imagine how much a phlebotomy would’ve been. That’s why he misdiagnosis people….it’s lucrative!!!

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