Let’s talk about minoxidil. It has literally changed my life. The directions say don’t over do it…I over do it!  I slop the stuff on. Actually slopping the stuff on is my husbands job. It takes about 20 minutes every night.  I go to bed looking like I have glue in my hair. And it’s kind of greasy looking in the morning. Probably because I don’t follow directions. Desperate times require desperate measures. Hair is fucking important.  You realize that when you don’t have any. This little dropper of goo works. Hair is really weird the way it falls out and grows. All I can say is I will be a lifer with this product. If this weird thing I have didn’t make my hair fall out I’d probably be able to cope better. It’s sounds so superficial….I know. But it’s how I feel. When I’m left completely immobile and then with hair follicles on fire it really compounds everything!!GO MINOXIDIL!!!

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