My brand new doctor

Two years into this medical nightmare I finally went to a doctor. I actually never met this particular dr...I'll call him dr. Scary, I only met his nurse practitioner. She assured me she'll figure this thing out. First things first. Time to give blood.  I swear she took a gallon. I have never seen more … Continue reading My brand new doctor

It’s over

Well I've had a record 3-4 months of relative bodily peace. And just when you THINK "man, I'm feeling good" it's fucking back. It's back. And I'm a little depressed about it. As strong as I try to get myself in between these moments, I find myself kind of panicky. PLEASE GO AWAY AND LEAVE … Continue reading It’s over

Keep Going

Just when you're feeling good....fucking's over.  And when you're feeling good you forget there's a monster waiting out there somewhere. It becomes such a head game. The entire 4 year episode has been a head game. From thinking you're going crazy to multiple misdiagnosis and panic to feeling completely alone because no one can fix … Continue reading Keep Going

First episode

That very first summer where everything changed, my BFF was celebrating a milestone birthday. She invited ten or so couples to Punta Mita, Mexico.  There were no other details about the trip. Top secret. Well I let her know I wasn't going. There was no way. I had lost more than half of my hair … Continue reading First episode

I’m a vegan

I can't even believe it. IM A VEGAN. Not one of THOSE people. Waify runners who lead this alternative fluffy lifestyle. Yep, that's me now. However I'm not a waify runner leading an alternative lifestyle. I'm furthering my mission to figure out this now ubiquitous  So from the beginning when my bloodwork revealed my … Continue reading I’m a vegan